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Lotus 13 Tattoo Studio
By L13seko Posted in tattoo on Şubat 19, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Whether you are a tattoo artist or one of our customers, Lotus 13 Tattoo provides you with the most comfortable and comfortable environment among Antalya Kaş tattoo parlors. Everyone wants to feel comfortable while getting a tattoo and they have the right to do so. As Lotus 13 Tattoo, our dream is to be the best in the region and the country. We’re not there yet, but we’re just getting started. And thanks to our great team we are on the right track.

Realistic, traditional, vintage, graphic, biomechanical, and even lettering and abstract… Tattoo styles are many and varied. Tattoos have become very popular in the last few years. From small tattoos to large pieces, everyone has a style and an idea. Lotus 13 Antalya Kas Studio turns your idea into art.

Without hesitation, take action to get inked with confidence!

Before Tattoo

Lotus 13 Tattoo guarantees the most hygienic work possible.

• Use of new and disposable sterile equipment (needles, mouthpieces, covers)

• Wearing gloves, cleaning and disinfecting the tattoo station to avoid the risk of cross contamination

• Use of sterile packaged ink with no known allergen risk

But you still need to meet certain conditions:

• Taking antibiotics prevents the tattoo from healing properly.

• Drinking alcohol before the tattoo session causes bleeding, which affects the performance of the tattoo.

• Anesthetic creams such as EMLA should be avoided!

You will also be asked to describe yourself as “clean”, that is, having previously washed the area to be tattooed. 3 days before, please remove the hair from the area to be tattooed with a depilatory wax.

If you believe we should be notified about a particular concern allergic reaction, do not hesitate to let us know.

After Tattoo

• Rinse and soap the tattooed area, preferably with a neutral pH soap.

• Wipe your tattoo dry with a clean towel (it is absolutely necessary to avoid rubbing). It is no longer necessary to wear a bandage (the tattoo should breathe as much as possible).

• The next day, apply a healing cream such as EasyTattoo or Hustle Butter to cleansed skin with clean fingers 3 times a day (for 15 days). Massage for a long time so that the ointment penetrates deeply. Care should be taken not to tear the shells.

Healing can take between 7 and 15 days (depending on the individual). If you no longer see crusts, it can be said that the tattoo has healed. However, it is highly recommended to moisturize the tattoo frequently with cream in the following months. The skin regains its abilities only after about two months. If possible, wear loose cotton clothing to allow the skin to breathe. Stay away from the sun, salt or chlorinated water.

As Kas and Antalya’s Best Studio;

Leave yourself to our professional team, learn many more tricks about tattooing in detail. You need to take good care of the tattoo that you will carry on your body for a lifetime. Lotus 13 Tattoo is with you at every step.

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