LOTUS13 TATTOO & PIERCING tattoo shop, located in Demre, Antalya, is among the leading tattoo shops in the region with its high-quality and professional services. With its team specialized in tattoo and piercing art, the shop aims to provide its customers with the best service.

LOTUS13 TATTOO & PIERCING tattoo shop always prioritizes the safety of its customers with its procedures carried out in a hygienic environment. The team uses carefully selected quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the best results for its customers.

Tattoo and piercing art is a reflection of personal expression freedom. LOTUS13 TATTOO & PIERCING tattoo shop offers original tattoo and piercing designs carefully designed to help its customers express themselves. Custom-designed tattoos for each customer turn their dream designs into reality.

LOTUS13 TATTOO & PIERCING tattoo shop does not only offer tattoo and piercing services to its customers. At the same time, it stands by its customers in the care and healing process. The expert team provides information and consultancy services tailored to its customers’ needs, ensuring they achieve the best results after the procedure.

LOTUS13 TATTOO & PIERCING tattoo shop is one of the best tattoo shops in Demre. The expert team works to keep its customers’ satisfaction at the highest level. We invite everyone interested in tattoo and piercing art to LOTUS13 TATTOO & PIERCING tattoo shop.