LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING tattoo studio located in Ordu offers high-quality services in tattooing and piercing with its experienced and professional team. Working with a customer-oriented approach, LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING also stands out with its hygienic and sterile environment.

While tattooing and piercing trends continue to grow, LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING offers various tattoo options such as permanent, temporary, tribal, portrait, and script tattoos with its expertise. Additionally, LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING specializes in piercing services such as nose, ear, lip, and eyebrow piercing, providing a range of options for its customers.

LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING aims to provide the highest quality service to its customers by keeping up with industry innovations. With its experienced and certified team, LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING carefully and professionally applies requested designs by understanding its customers’ desires.

As the first choice for tattooing and piercing in Ordu, LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING creates uniqueness by offering custom designs for its customers. Its hygienic and sterile environment, experienced team, and customer-oriented working principles make the tattooing and piercing experience unforgettable.

To get in touch with LOTUS13 TATTOO&PIERCING, you can call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX or visit us at our address to schedule an appointment.